310 Shake is Your Energy-Giving BFF

When you first start a diet, you will do so with determination and be full of energy. The thing is, as the days, hours, and minutes pass, your determination begins to wane, and your energy begins to free fall rapidly. It makes sense when you think about it, as when you are eating fewer calories and moving more each day, you are going to feel zapped and deprived. 


You don’t need to be suffering from either of these feelings though, and there is a way to combat them. You are about to discover that your new BFF for dieting and energy improvement is going to be a 310 shake. This will consist of a specially-formulated and nutritionally-balanced weight loss shake that you will have in place of either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. 


A 310 meal replacement shake contains the perfect blend of proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and antioxidants. It is also low calories and completely lacks any sugar content.  All of these combined ingredients work hand in hand with each other to help create a strong, healthy body, which is better able to utilize energy and burn body fat. This is exactly what you need when you are trying to lose weight. 


All too often, people think that they need to deprive themselves of adequate nutrition when on a diet, and this will usually lead to a lack of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. How can your body function when it is lacking those essential components that play such vital roles in the running of the body? Many vitamins and minerals are involved in the production of hormones, and these are the chemical compounds which regulate the metabolism, energy, body temperature, and heart rates.  


When you feed your body the vitamins and minerals it so desperately needs, you are giving it the building blocks for building a powerful fat-burning machine, and also the basis for continued good health.  Weight loss should never come before your health, so ensuring that you take care of both things at the same time is going to give you amazing results. Fiber is another thing that those on low calorie diets and low carb diets are usually lacking. 


Fiber is important for controlling the absorption of sugars and starches into the blood. The slower these take to reach the blood, the more stable and regulated your energy levels will be. Fiber prevents meals and drinks from causing a sudden rise in sugar levels, which give you a burst of energy. This is all good and well until the levels suddenly come crashing down, along with your energy levels. Keeping things steady is key. 


The fact that a 310 shake is calorically-balanced also helps keep your hunger levels controlled. You need a certain number of calories at each meal, and a shake has been formulated to provide just the right amount of your daily nutritional requirements.  If you feel that there are too few calories in your shake, you can always add your own healthy additions, such as yogurt, fruits, and berries. A great weight loss shake is easily adaptable. 


One thing I love to add to my 310 shakes is a few spoonsful of raw oats, which I allow to soak in milk for a few hours before. This gives me an additional dose of fiber and protein but also helps add a super thick and creamy texture to the shake. Remember that texture plays as much of a role in food satisfaction as the taste does. Think about a delicious plate of French fries that have been sitting out for a few hours and have gone soft and chewy. The taste is the same, but the texture is off. Texture and taste need to work together. 


Being consistent with your 310 shake is the best piece of advice I would like to give you. Making sure you get at least 1 shake a day will get your body used to less food and more nutrition than it is used to. Routines are always good when on a weight loss plan, and a meal replacement shake is always going to be a quick and easy way to deliver your body maximum nutrition in minimum time.

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