Are 310 Weight Loss Shakes Worth the Hype? 

There are countless drinks in the market that promise to help you lose weight. The makers promise great taste and great ingredients that keep you full while providing your body with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Since I have been on a weight loss journey for a few months now, I thought of giving the 310 shake a try and see if all the hype about this drink is valid or not. It's thought to be one of the best weight loss shakes in the market, and I just wanted to know if it really does stand out. 


What is this shake all about? 


The 310 shake is a meal replacement shake that keeps you full, while giving you only 90 calories. It does not have any sugar or artificial sweetening agents and promises to help you make weight loss easier while making the results last. Started in 2012, these weight loss shakes can be bought on their website or through retailers as well. 



In order to help you minimize your hunger pangs, this shake comes with a trademarked Triplex protein that consists of everything from Pea protein to Rice protein, Hemp protein and 
Fiber blend. 

And that’s not all... the other ingredients include beet juice, pomegranate, grape seed extract, dandelion root extract and an extract of organic fruits and vegetables. 

Along with this, it also contains 20 different vitamins and minerals. 

The recommended dosage is one to two scoops in a day. One scoop of this shake consists of 15 grams of protein, 8 grams of carbohydrates and no fat. 


The 310 shake is available in several flavors - Vanilla, Mocha, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla Chai and Salted Caramel. The taste used to not be that great, however, the drink has recently undergone some changes to give better results to the buyers and due to this, the flavor has been greatly enhanced – even with no sugar in it! Only natural flavors are used.  

The consistency of the drink is also exceptional. You can easily mix it with your early morning beverage for breakfast and you can also add it to your fresh fruit smoothies. Doing this certainly made my drinks healthier and also added additional nutrients. 


Now that we have looked at the shake taste and consistency, let’s look at the price... 


This shake is a little more expensive than some of the other products out there in the market. That is because having the 310 shake twice in a day will increase your monthly expenses by $136 – however, it will also save you money. Just think of all of the food you won’t have to buy because you are replacing your meals with shakes! You can also try buying it in bulk quantities as that should help bring down the price a bit. 


Bottom line: 


I have been having this drink for about three weeks now and I have started seeing the results. I enjoy the taste and adding in healthy ingredients also helps as well. This shake keeps me full and I can be active without feeling like I will faint the next second. The plant-based chocolate is an excellent choice for any vegans looking for a health shake. It has been a bit heavy on my pocket, yes, but I plan on using it for a while now. 


It goes without saying that just having the 310 weight loss shakes without a religious workout schedule will not give you the results you have been seeking. I work out every day except Sundays and have this shake without fail, every single day. Together, they have helped me achieve the body that I had been after for almost two years. Not exactly there, but I’m close. 

And even though it is one of the pricier shakes, I feel much better and I know that my health is where it should be, so I feel good about that. Also, I buy less junk food and so that has been a big savings in my account. These shakes are definitely worth a try if youve been trying endlessly to lose weight and no other paths seem to be working for you. 

So I guess I found that 310 weight loss shakes are worth the hype – and they work, if you are willing to put in the effort. 

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