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Maybe you have heard about gluten from a friend, relative, media or just came to know about it by your means. 
All the attention that gluten has received is good, but there is a bigger issue that has yet to hit the spotlight: lectin. Gluten is actually a type of lectin, which is a protein found in plants. 

So what are the health effects of eating lectinIs it the same as gluten? It's very likely that if you think you're gluten intolerant, the uncomfortable effects you're feeling are probably from lectin-intolerance instead. 


Lectins in Broad 

These are a group of plant proteins found in vegetables. They form the plant's defense system against animals and human beings. While all lectins are not toxic, most of them are, and it is these that cause discomfort after consumption. It is even worse for you if you are lectin-sensitive. It turns out that the defense system works by ensuring that you do not consume the plant after it severely affects you. You are sure to avoid it next time, and thus the plant protects itself from being destroyed. 


A more scientific definition of a lectin is a carbohydrate-binding protein. It is of non-immune origin and agglutinates human body cells. Whenever you eat lectins, they clump together the carbs and attaches them to your body cells. They tend to go for the body cells they can connect to with ease. The primary victim is sialic acid, a sugar found in your brain. It is worth noting that the lectin is susceptible to viruses, bacteria, and several diseases. 


Negative Effects of Lectin on the Body 

Also known as sticky proteins because of their ability to bind to body cells, Lectins have a severe effect on the functioning of your body. The body’s response to their toxicity is usually, inflammation. Some of the symptoms of lectin-sensitivity are; 

• Bloating  

• Nausea  

• Digestive issues  

• Leaky Gut  

• Diarrhoea  

• Gas 

Their susceptibility to viruses and bacteria and the ability to connect them with the body cells makes you vulnerable to diseases. This means, if you are sensitive to lectins, then you are more likely to get sick compared to the person who is not after consuming them. 

Another effect of lectin consumption is weight gain. If not checked it could lead to obesity. However, some people still consume lectin-based foods to add weight during winter.  

Foods with Highest Levels of Lectins  

As we have seen, lectins are in no way healthy. So here is a list of foods with high concentration of lectins that might as well want to do away with for better health. 

• Lima Beans 

• Red Kidney Beans  

• Potatoes  

• Soy  

• Barley  

• Lentils  

• Split Peas  

• Peanuts  

• Rice  


Even though lectin consumption causes discomfort, not all of them are toxic. However, if the discomfort is constant, you seek medical advice for weakened IgA or SIgA. This is the gut lining that protects you from harmful toxins ingested. 

Lectin-sensitive Persons and the Gut Flora  

Depending on how well your gut flora is suited to defend you against lectins, it will determine how sick you will become. Sensitivity is thus different from each person. 

The gut flora which is made up of tiny microorganisms in the digestive system which affects; 

• Digestion and processing of nutrients  

• Metabolism  

• Preparedness of the body to fight disease  

Healing by Stopping Lectin Ingestion 

There exists a symbiotic relationship between you and the organism making up the gut flora. You shelter them, and they help you fight diseases. A better way of keeping your gut healthy is by quitting lectins. While lectins may not be the only cause for your gut damage, avoiding lectin is a better way to start gut healing. Eating more proteins and lowering your carbs and sugars intake will be more beneficial. More focus should be on foods like;  

• Seafood  

• Eggs  

• Certain fruits such citrus, pineapple, etc.  

• Certain vegetables such as celery and romaine lettuce  

• Pressure cooked vegetables 


There is much going on in the medical world to be able to understand more about the health effects of eating lectins. Even so, it is upon you to start the path to recovery from lectin sensitivity. A week without a lectin diet is all you want to become healthy again. 

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